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emfelia – always a contact ahead
15 / Jan / 2016      

15.1.2016. Introducing emfelia, the new, highly specialised recruitment consultancy for professional and managerial staff in finance, IT and digital.

The recruitment consultancy was founded by Andreas Göring (Diplom-Betriebswirt and Bachelor of Arts) as a specialised recruitment consultancy. It provides contemporary solutions for the challenges of the employment market – and has a particular expertise in the direct provision of professional and managerial staff in the fields of finance, IT and digital. Although the company is based in Maintal, emfelia works nationally and internationally.

emfelia GmbH offers professional recruitment searches, consulting and placements for medium-sized companies and groups in the fields of finance, IT and digital, and to financial & professional services institutes.

“Our clients receive first-class support with the placements for discerning positions of a key, bottleneck or interface nature. We have comprehensive experience, specialist knowledge and specialism benefits in the selection of suitable candidates.” – Andreas Göring, managing partner

For every single placement project, emfelia provides a highly efficient, perfectly trained special team with a direct and personal contact for the client.

emfelia works on behalf of candidates and companies.
emfelia supports companies in all industries in their searches for candidates with development potential who are the best possible fit for the vacant position (professional) and for the corporate culture (human).
Furthermore, emfelia also enables professional and managerial staff to find new positions that will advance their careers, match their professions and personalities, and help them to achieve their private as well as their professional goals.

Lasting associations.
We know from experience that a candidate will stay with a company for the long-term if the first year passes successfully. In order for everything to be satisfactory in the first 12 months, it is important to have someone who mediates between the employer and the employee. That is why emfelia provides support during the contract negotiation stage and familiarisation period, and always has an open ear. And if despite that, the relationship falters, then emfelia’s replacement guarantee comes into force.
This is highly beneficial, especially in an area as sensitive as recruitment consulting, where long-term, trusting relationships between clients and candidates are a key factor in success.

“The basic search, making contact with and introduction of candidates cannot meet our or your requirements. We want more, and we offer more.” – Andreas Göring, managing partner

Head-hunting hunts for heads. We look for what’s inside them.

It’s a well-known fact that qualified professional and managerial staff are thin on the ground and highly sought-after. This has led to a candidates’ market where the gloves are off for the fight for the hottest talents and rarest specialists. emfelia responds to this challenge in a most surprising way: with meticulousness and humanity.

“The job description and applicant’s profile must be a perfect fit. In order for a referral to be successful over the long-term, it is almost more important for the applicant’s personality and the corporate culture to be compatible.” – Andreas Göring, managing partner

Merely analysing the documents is not sufficient to obtain an authentic impression of a personality. Whether the employer’s and the candidate’s expectations match can only be established reliably in personal talks, one-on-one. emfelia attaches a tremendous amount of importance to the personal contact – more than other recruitment consultancies do.

Recruitment consultancy has to keep reinventing itself.

“Most of our consultants have known each other for years, from earlier stages in their careers. We are a well-established team with an open communications structure and flat hierarchies.” – Ole Kayser, personnel consultant at emfelia

They cannot rest on their experience. Markets and industries change with such breathtaking speed that recruitment consulting has to keep reinventing itself in order to provide clients and candidates with future-orientated advice.

Multi-channel approach.
There are no patent remedies in recruiting. An individual strategy has to be developed for every single project. emfelia uses a multi-channel approach, and creates synergies from the intelligent combination of all classic and innovative methods such as direct search (cold calling), database and advertisement-supported searches, full utilisation of the concealed candidates’ market through personal insider contacts, recommendations from multipliers and online recruiting. This results in an above-average rate of success.

Online recruiting.
New channels are constantly being created in online recruiting, and they need to be used innovatively. emfelia is particularly strong in this field. Every month, up to 2500 new contacts are generated and – what is even more important – qualified via the social web. The information we save (with the candidates’ approval) is far more comprehensive and authentic than anything you will find on XING, Facebook, LinkedIn or any of the other social platforms.

“With more than 70,000 pre-tested contacts in XING, emfelia is one of the farthest-reaching personnel consultants for finance, IT and digital.” – Florian Schnur, personnel consultant at emfelia